Identify This # 1            

I am trying to find out information on this object.
There is no broad arrow stamped on the instrument.
The leather sheath would indicate that it would be used in the field and the thread at the top obviously indicates an attachment like a compass or similar. The leather of the sheath appears to indicate that the object is over 75 yo.
The item looks like a modern day version of a wooden “Jacob’s Staff” which was used in colonial times for surveying.

I would appreciate any information or comment on the item.
Thank you

Identify This #2


On behalf of a colleague, could anybody identify this scientific instrument?

​I believe that it is circa early 1900s and was possibly used in a military application, possibly for the setup and installation of heavy machinery or artillery.

There is no maker's name but has MK11 stamped on the side.

7th Dec

More information has become available:

Maker : Otway and Co

Probably a Stadimeter.

​Thanks to all that responded